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About Us
A letter from our director

Welcome all

Quang Trung Ha Noi Security Service Co.Ltd (formerly known as Branch 8 – Quang Trung Secruity Service Joint-stock company, was reconstructed in September, 2013) is one of the leaders in providing professional security service. We have established a day-to-day force of security for a lot of agencies, businesses, some of them are fundalmental to the nation, to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Quang Trung Ha Noi security force is step by step growing and gaining trust among its clients. One of our key to success is to matain and impove security space, also client’s safety; to innovate, to be always cautious about our value in order to meet up with client’s expectation, to preserve the standard of moral and behavior, to be respectful and responsible. Always improve ourselves and aim for a better service.

Chosing our service, you can be assured with our security protocol, safety in manufacturing and working environment. Quang Trung Ha Noi Co.Ltd always will be your trustworthy companion to maintain safety and surveillance.

On behalf of the Board, executives, members and officers of Quang Trung Ha Noi Co.Ltd, I myself sincerely wish you all agency and businesses success – happiness – prosperity and give out our appreciations to all our partners that have been using and will be using Quang Trung Ha Noi security service.

                                                                           Your sincerely

                                                                                      Chairman, Director

                                                                                      Bui Thi Minh Tan