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Training & Recruitment
Recruitment and training program

Recruit requirement

In order to maintain number of officers, Quang Trung Ha Noi constantly recruit for securities, bodyguard position.

1. Requirements

- Male: Height: above 1.67 cm; Weight: above 58 kg; age: from 20-45

- Female: Height: above 1.57 cm; Weight: above 45 kg; age: from 20-35

Education: High-school graduated; average physical appearance; A-classified health; no defacts, no tattoos; we have priority for people that are knowledgeable in martial-art,  foreign language, driving or former military and police.

2. Application includes:

- Resume (consist of picture with stamp of Local authorities or Department of Justice)

- Identity verification (consist of picture with stamp of Local authorities or Department of Justice) that not exceed 6 months ago.

- Copy of family-register

-High school diploma or graduation certificate.

-Copy of Identity card (bring yours for correlating)

-Application form.

3. Applicant:

Directly hand out your application and conduct your own interview, we do not accept any kind of agency.

4. Applicate and interview at:

Quang Trung Ha Noi Security Service Co.Ltd

26/82th Nguyen Phuc Lai Str - O Cho Dua Ward -  Dong Da District – Hanoi

-         Ho Chi Minh city branch: 29th Le Thi Hong Str - 17th Ward - Go Vap District - Ho Chi Minh city


1.  Training security operation

2. Martial Arts Training

3. Training Fire - Fire

4. Practical training in the goals

5. Business competition